Virtual Try-On for Eyewear

Our Virtual Try-On for eyeglasses & sunglasses delivers un-matched experience and engagement to your customers and works across your digital
commerce platforms be it Android, iOS, Windows or Web browsers.

  100K+ international brands in KiksARs' cloud catalog

  Facial point detection 0.01 sec

  A 3D model development with KiksARs' patented technology with just two pictures

  A patented product for Retail store & Optometrist with critical eyewear measurements like PD and Seg Height

  Plug and play SaaS platform Pay only for the SKUs that are active

  Comprehensive Customer Purchase and Product Analytics For that crucial product and distribution decisions

Virtual Try On for online

Engage your customers by showing similar products that suit them-our analytics show that once customers try more than 10 products, chances of conversion increases by 65% and we engage your customers on Virtual Try-On by engaging them effectively with these killer features and un-matched experience.

Now, Integrate Try-On for glasses feature on your Digital Commerce Platform in less than 30 Minutes!

You can manage 3D assets of your SKUs and enable/disable VTO on the fly using our easy to user Administration Terminal. Analytics empowering you to informed product and inventory decisions based on customer usage and purchase patterns.

Our advanced AI algorithms measures various facial parameters for lens selection like Fitting Height, Face Width and Pupillary Distance(PD).