KiKsAR VTO Platform

We solve the Fitment and Style dilemma!

Unique style and fitment advisory enabling your customers to select intersection of what they like with what suits them; we bring conventional shopping and digital convenience together


Immersive experience

Plug and Play SaaS platform enabling you to deliver VTO experience across your digital channels

 Industry First multi device AR platform

  • Works on non ARCore, non ARKit devices
  • Available on Web Browser, No need to download app

 Plug and Play Experience into digital channels

  • SDK to integrate for Android and iPhone Apps
  • Script to integrate with the web applications

 Comprehensive admin terminal for managing SKUs and monitor experience

 Standardized & Configurable feature set

 Analytical dashboard providing average SKUs visited and average time spent per SKU to understand consumer behaviour and affinity to your brand

Intuitive Navigation

Once customer lands on our Virtual Try On Platform, we showcase “Similar Products” and “Other Styles”; This ensures your customer never leaves just trying one product but keeps trying different products, increasing conversion probability multifold.


Screen share calling with contacts, sharing on social media and favourite marking features result in increased engagement and stickiness to your brand.

Gesture and Voice based Navigation enables users to focus on the trying the products rather than navigation, creating an immersive experience

Styling & Fitment

Kiks AR platform provides comprehensive styling and Fitment advisory, while your customers are navigating and trying out products improving conversion probability much higher than run of the mill e-commerce experience

Virtual Try-On

Quality 3D Models

Our advanced 3D rendering engine, delivers high quality 3D models depicting true size and real life like Textures, colors creating WYSIWYG experience – creating biggest impact in reducing returns

Un-matched Detection

Our Computer Vision landmark detection powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms provides unmatched detection accuracy of face and other body parts resulting in exceptional Virtual Try-On Experience