Virtual Try-On for Jewellery

Augment your Online Digital Commerce Store with State-of-the-Art, Virtual Try-On for Jewellery

Your customers can now shortlist your collections as they try based on their needs and have them ready at their homes or instore, to try them physically. They can also dial in up to 6 of their friends for help in shortlisting using AR video calling!

Our VTO also comes with Props and Makeup to suit the context of the customer, so they exactly know how they look for the occasion.

Inbuilt 3D Modelling – You don’t need to ship your products anywhere. Just send us the pictures you have and we convert them into 3D in no time!

KiksAR Virtual Try-On

Check our Platform Features

  • Plug and play SaaS platform – Pay only for the SKUs that are active

  • Comprehensive Customer Purchase and Product Analytics – For that crucial product and distribution decisions

  • Admin terminal to manage the SKUs to activate/deactivate them based on whats being sold on your ecommerce platform

  • Shortlist products to try them at home or instore

  • Theme based Props and Makeup – Wedding, Bridal, Office, Outdoors and Party Themes!

  • Video Calling New! – Let your customers’ friends and family check them out as they try the products

  • Engage your customers by showing similar products that suit them – our analytics show that once customers try more than 10 products, chances of conversion increases by 65% and we engage your customers on Virtual Try-On by engaging them effectively with these killer features and un-matched experience