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Launch your brand’s virtual stores on KiXR’s Metaverse platform, Skyrocket your business!

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KiXR delivers immersive shopping experiences for people browsing in / traversing through metaverse

We are a leading metaverse development company helping brands attract more consumers to their virtual stores and empowering them to explore the store from any device, at any time!

KiXR brings in its AI driven 3D catalog creation capability to create products with realistic physics.

Users can browse the products in 3D from the shelves, hangers or displays on mannequins. They can do a Virtual Try-On as well.

Further, they can order the product and checkout or even buy the products as NFTs!

1. Theme based stores like carnival, forest, museum or space, you tell us and we create it
2. Replica store of real-life flag ship store

1. Replica of themselves in avatar form
2. They can take shape and form as they like

1. Standard display where the products are visible in the same way for all the common visitors
2. Personalized - mannequins looking like user's avatar, all clothes represent their body type, gender or preferences

virtual store

How users can benefit?

  • Enjoy Spatial Audio, Create own avatar, Shop with friends and family
  • Check out products in 3D as you do it in-store from the racks, shelves, mannequins and hangers display in the store. Products are presented with particle effects or physics to get the nuances of the same
  • Try on multiple products on your personalized mannequins
  • Get product recommendations
  • Browse the stores from Mobile, Web, Desktop or VR glasses
  • Buy the actual products or shop them as NFTs (Nonfungible tokens).
  • Have a voice or video chat with store associates/ customer support
  • Participate in launch or promotion events along with 1000s of others attending
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Add a new commerce channel with immersive customer engagement and enable your gen Z and gen Alpha customers to explore freely in the metaverse, along with their tribe.
Create unparalleled gamified experience and make online shopping fun again!

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Add a new commerce channel with immersive customer engagement and enable your gen Z and gen Alpha customers to explore freely in the metaverse, along with their tribe.
Create unparalleled gamified experience and make online shopping fun again!

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Why should brands build metaverse with KiXR?

If you are a brand seeking professional metaverse development services, to give your customers an immersive shopping experience, KiXR can help you with

  • Building your own metaverse
  • Dynamic display of your product catalog
  • Create a decentralized metaverse at third-Party venues like a Mall, Theme Park, Music Fest, Etc..
  • KiXR is a reputed Metaverse application development and AI driven creative company with 100+ 3D artists combined with proven capability of delivering immersive experiences for 75+ brands globally

1.Most realistic avatar creation, product creation – no limitations or restrictions unlike some of the players
2. Multi-channel metaverse compatible with Mobile, Web, Desktop, and VR Headsets
3. Realistic 3D display with virtual try-on
4. Real-time display of available inventory integrated with e-com databases and checkout
5. Create personalized mannequins that replicate the user’s avatar, making, shopping fun again
6. Leverage recommendation engines to show preferred products to users.
7. Public/private blockchain support for NFT enablement
8. Secure integration with popular wallets for NFTs
9. Create an immersive experience for 1000s of users in metaverse at a time without degrading the performance .

1. Benefit from new revenue streams entailing virtual product sales, virtual advertising, virtual event ticket sales, etc
2. Increased customer engagement and increased brand loyalty boosting sales tremendously
3. Target GenZ and Gen Alpha adding gamified shopping experience and reduce marketing costs compared to traditional marketing techniques like Social, online campaigns, TV, print, etc.
4. Global reach leading to better brand visibility and augmented sales
5. Tracking data insights can help revise the marketing strategy and thereby maximizing revenue


Metaverse is fast emerging channel for commerce and expected to be main stream by 2027 with as much as 3-5% of global retail sales, mainly creating gamified shopping experiences for Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Brands can build metaverse in any theme, display their entire inventory in 3D in real-time, empower users to create avatars of their choice, and allow them to shop for the actual products or buy digitally as NFTs for users looking forward to purchase digital assets.
Moreover, KiXR can help brands integrate metaverse into their existing e-commerce platform and make it compatible with any device

Metaverse can help brands create a unique, gaming experience for their visitors with themes that represent brand sensibilities.

With KiXR’s metaverse and 3D catalog platform, users can, explore a brand’s collection or catalog, and make an informed choice before buying.

Conduct launch, promotion events or even concerts in the stores

Users can create avatars that are their exact replicas or adopt a look of their choice to feel comfortable while traversing in the metaverse.

Go shopping with friends with their mobile phone or laptop, no need for VR headsets. Users can try on products, view them in 3D with most realistic physics, get assistance from store associates, buy the actual products physically or digitally as NFTs.

We call it next gen retail therapy!

The Metaverse commerce platform is integrated with

1. KiXR 3D catalog cloud – to show the 3D experiences on the products of the brands
2. Real time inventory availability for display
3. Integration with e-commerce engine for checkout
4. Integration with popular wallets for NFT transactions
5. Integration with recommendation engines to show preferred products to the user

We host these stores in

1. Brand’s own metaverse
2. KiXR hosted metaverse
3. Third party metaverse like decentraland or third party malls or metaverses on the side lines of a theme park or music fest